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Husqvarna Balance X Harness

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The Husqvarna Balance X Harness is designed to protect the user and enable them to work for longer periods without needing frequent breaks or risking injuries such as repetitive strain or hand-arm vibration issues. The harness works by spreading the weight of the tools being carried and used, considerably easing the weight and effort put in by the user’s arms.

The Husqvarna Balance X Harness is designed for use with heavy-weight professional brushcutters and trimmers, such as those used to clear large areas of rough wasteland and severely overgrown foliage.

As well as supporting the weight of the brush-cutter or trimmer the Husqvarna Balance X Harness is designed to aid the use of the tool, evening out the range of motion and allowing for a smooth and maximised arc swing to clear the area neatly and efficiently.

These heavy appliances can be dangerous to their operators should they slip or malfunction for any reason. This Husqvarna Balance X Harness comes prepared with fully adjustable chest plates that will take the brunt of any flying debris that could cause injury.

As well as offering safety, the Husqvarna Balance X Harness is ergonomically designed to maximise comfort, so that not only is the weight of the tool being used spread evenly over the whole body to ease muscular aches and pains, but is also comfortable enough to wear for the full duration of a difficult task without chafing or causing blisters or injury. The shoulder-straps are firmly padded to offer both comfort and secure positioning, which, again, will prevent chafing and injuries causing by the webbing rubbing under the weight and movement of the brush-cutter or trimmer.

The Husqvarna Balance X Harness is made predominantly from black webbing and sturdy canvas textiles, held together with strong metal plates and connectors. The harness features a quick release fastening so the user can quickly place down their appliance in seconds should they need to.

Using the Husqvarna Balance X Harness is an excellent way to ensure improvements in both working safety and job efficiency.

Back plates – Yes
Floating pad system – Yes
Padded shoulder straps – Yes
Quick release – Yes


1 review for Husqvarna Balance X Harness

  1. Jk garden maintenance (verified owner)

    Excellent harness supports in two places shoulders and waist.

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