Husqvarna Balance 35 Harness

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If you are regularly on your feet all day working with high power garden machinery tools then you know the toll it can take on your back and shoulders if you don’t protect them. This is why getting the correct equipment to support you whilst you are working is so important.

The Husqvarna balance 35 harness aims to impress and its main purpose is to protect your back whilst reducing stress during long periods of working. With its padded shoulder straps, back plate with ventilation, travelling hip-pads and a solid chest plate, you can rest assured that your upper body load will be reduced for a more comfortable experience.

Designed to distribute the load in the most efficient way between the chest, shoulders and back, the Balance 35 harness also has a hip pad with a travelling connection ensuring that your chosen machine can be guided with the minimum of body movements relieving pressure on your back.

This harness works most efficiently when using the Husqvarna range of brush cutters and clearing saws.

Main Features

  • The balance 35 harness allows you to comfortably wear underneath outer garments ideal when working in all weathers.
  • The harness is adjustable for all body shapes and sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for all.
  • Weight is distributed evenly from the shoulders to the hips to prevent pressure on certain parts of the body
  • The flexible shoulder section ensures maximum comfort
  • Quick release clip in case of emergencies when operating power tools
  • Quick set adjustment points
  • Flexible hip pad suspension for added comfort
Back plates – Yes
Floating pad system – Yes
Hip support – Yes
Padded shoulder straps – Yes




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