Stihl Bike Handle For Blower

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The Stihl bike handle ensures energy-saving operation by distributing recoil from the blower onto both arms. Suitable for the BR 350, BR 430, BR 500 and BR 600 Magnum.


1 review for Stihl Bike Handle For Blower

  1. Tim Wykes (verified owner)

    I didn’t know on purchasing this if this would be worth the price or agro in fitting it but have been pleasantly surprised. I have a BR800 and found it was giving me bad arm ache trying to hold the handle with one arm so invested in this. This was fairly straightforward to fit and now relieves the stress on using it because it’s now distributed over over two handles which makes it much more comfortable. There is plenty of scope for adjust front and back and obviously turning inwards or outwards as desired.

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