Husqvarna Blower Gutter Kit

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The Husqvarna Gutter Kit accessory for the 125 range of petrol blowers. The gutter kit is for cleaning gutters on houses. Total tube length 3 meters.


1 review for Husqvarna Blower Gutter Kit

  1. Andy McKenzie

    This works really well for ground floor gutters. With one more extension pipe I could have even reached 1st floor level and this would still be possible with a very stable step ladder (just). Only reason I gave it 4 starts is because the first pipe, the one that fits onto the elbow pipe, appeared to have been cut by hand to enable it to fit over the elbow pipe itself. It’s not cl;ear if this was a mod by the supplier (to R&T), by R&T themselves, or by a previous customer who had subsequently returned it – the package did appear to have been opened and resealed. There was no reference to this anywhere. Anyway, it works fine but just a bit curious about this so if anyone at R&T is reading this it would be good to know.

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