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Husqvarna Automower®Wheel Brush Kit

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The Husqvarna Automower® Wheel Brush Kit keeps the driving wheels clean to maintain improved traction.



310/315 Kit, 400 / 500 Series Kit

1 review for Husqvarna Automower®Wheel Brush Kit

  1. Chris (verified owner)

    Fitted these brushes in under 2 minutes (bear in mind you’ll need the right allen key) – very easy. So far, they seem to be doing a very good job of keeping the rear wheel treads free of claggy wet grass accumulation – which is great given the current wet weather. One thing worth noting is that your Automower will start sounding a bit like a garden sprinkler, as the wheel treads rotate past the brushes. It’s by no means loud, but certainly more noticeable compared with the fairly imperceptible hum that is normally made by an Automower…

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