Husqvarna Automower® Installation Kit – Small (400m²-800m²)

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It might seem like a step too far into a robot-controlled future, but an Automower® can be a gardener’s best friend, ensuring that the lawn is always mowed to perfection. Something like a Roomba, but for lawns, these compact machines travel at random all over the garden until the grass has all been beautifully trimmed. Obstacles in the middle of the garden are no burden: the Automower® just changes tack and works its way around the barrier, no matter whether it is a chair, a planter or a carelessly dropped toy.

But how to ensure that Automower® ‘know’ where the grass ends and the flower-bed – or even the outside world – begins? The answer to that one is simple: the Husqvarna Installation Kit (Small) is all you need to keep your Automower® confined within your garden.

The kit comes complete with 150m of loop wire, 300 staples, 3 splicers and 5 connectors. The loop wire is placed all around the lawn, taking in the whole area that needs to be mowed. It can be placed flush with the ground, or even buried under a very shallow layer for extra neatness. The staples will hold the wire in place, maintaining good tension, while the connectors and splices ensure that the wire can be perfectly manoeuvred for maximum efficiency.

Once it is in place, a signal is sent through the loop wire, which works, in effect, like a miniature electric fence: preventing the Automower® from crossing it. The Automower® will treat this electrical signal like a physical blockage, ‘bouncing’ off it to go off across the lawn in a random direction until stopped by a blockage or the wire on the other side of the Automower® area.

This installation kit is designed to work with all of Husqvarna’s many models of Automower® , so compatibility will not be a problem. It is the small kit, however, and will be best suited to smaller gardens: those of 800m² if the lawn is open and squared or rectangular, or around 400m² if the lawn is complex and requires the wire to form unusual shapes. If you are unsure what size you need or you would like to book an installation, please contact a member of our team.

Kit Small – Suitable for open lawn areas of max 800m² or complex lawn areas of max 400m².

Includes Loop Wire x 150m / Staples x 300pcs / Splicers x 3pcs / Connectors x 5pcs.



1 review for Husqvarna Automower® Installation Kit – Small (400m²-800m²)

  1. Clive Birch (verified owner)

    I acquired a second hand Husqvarna Automower 305 before Christmas but there was no boundary wire. So I found the Husqvarna installation kit from Radmore and Tucker. It was cheaper than I expected and based on initial inspection everything looks good quality. I haven’t completed the install yet as I am waiting for the weather to improve.

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