Teufelberger spLIFE 1E Tachyon Ash 11.5mm 35m

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Thanks to its unparalleled performance, Tachyon is ideal for use with the latest mechanical systems.


  • Standard: EN 1891A, ANSI Z133-2012

The Tachyon from TEUFELBERGER is one of the most successful climbing ropes among the 24-strand ropes.

It consists of a polyester cover which significantly improves friction hitch performance without “bagginess”.

The core consists of a polyamide inner core, featuringconstruction that keeps the diameter consistent, even in the loaded state.

The rope diameter of 11.5 mm is ideal for tree careoperations.

It ensures a better grip, thus reducing hand fatigue.

It works perfectly in combination with standard hardware designed for use with 11.5 mm ropes.

High stretch at high loads thus minimizing the shock effect in the event of a fall Consistent diameter while climbing thus ensuring an improved grip.

Great ease of splicing.





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