Petzl Flow 11.6mm Tree Care Rope (Green)

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This rope is designed for tree care

– patented splice at one end for optimal rope glide through devices like a friction saver or pulley, and through tree branches. The small size of the splice allows it to pass through the friction chain of the ZIGZAG and ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusiks
– low stretch when loaded, increasing efficiency when moving through the tree
Small diameter ensures very good performance in terms of flexibility and weight
Consistent performance over time:
– 100% polyester double weave construction
– EverFlex technology ensures great flexibility under any conditions (water, dust, mud…), allowing it to maintain excellent handling and optimal functioning with devices
Available in two colors (green and orange), to help easily identify different working ropes
Standard lengths: 35, 45 and 60 m

Diameter: 11,6 mm
Material(s): polyester
Certification(s): CE EN 1891 type A, ANSI Z133
Weight per meter: 102 g
Strength tied with figure-eight knot: 15 kN
Strength with splice: 15 kN
Impact force (factor 0,3): 5,2 kN
Number of factor 1 falls: 8
Construction: 24 carrier
Percentage of sheath: 55 %
Static elongation: 2,8 %


35m, 45m, 60m



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