Marlow Vega 11.7mm Grey/Orange Climbing Rope 1 Spliced Eye 35m

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The Marlow Vega 11.7mm Grey & Orange Climbing Rope 1 Spliced Eye 35m is a new CE EN1891 light weight arborist climbing rope, that currently boasts the lowest elongation on the market (1.2%). Designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques.

Vega has a tough polyester core that provides extremely low elongation whilst also being energy absorbing, ideal for SRT climbing. The 24 plait polyester jacket gives a rope with exceptional flexibility and handling without compromising on durability.

*Splicing instructions are available to download. However, please be aware that any splicing of CE EN1891 certified ropes in the UK and Europe must be carried out by an authorised and certified company or professional.

Weight (g): 100.9
Diameter (mm): 11.7
Av. Breakload (kN): 36.8
Size: 25m, 35m, 45m,



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