BCS Agricultural & Garden Machinery – Available at Radmore & Tucker

At Radmore & Tucker, we’re proud to offer an even wider range of BCS products

Founded in the early 1940s on the outskirts of Milan, BCS manufactures some of the highest quality agricultural machinery – most notably with their popular and versatile two wheel tractor range.

BCS Two Wheel Tractors

This includes the BCS 710 which is a simple machine to use and operate to till your garden. Another two-wheeled tractor available for purchase is the BCS 728 which has additional gear speeds. This tractor can easily undertake farm works such as land clearing, cultivation and cutting.

We also have the BCS 738 tractor which can have a variety of implements attached including ridges, ploughs, and mowers among others – making it ideal for harvesting crops. It is also useful during weed control. Another powerful tractor available for order and delivery is the BCS 740 and range-topping BCS 750 with a range of functions for unrivalled performance.

Take a look at the full range available here.

Incredible Versatility

When we talk about versatility, it really is a case of one machine to do more. With a range of clever and innovative attachments, it really can transform the capability of your machine – depending on the season, weather conditions and task at hand.

You can install ploughs, harrows, harvesting ploughs, planters, and seeders. During weed removal and control you can connect sprayers to your two-wheel tractor. At the harvesting time, your tractor can pull grain harvesters, a combine harvester, and mowers among other harvesting equipment. For transportation purposes, you can attach trailers with a cargo capacity of fewer than 5 tonnes to your two wheel tractor.

Additionally, you can utilise your tractor for garden cultivation and landscaping. During the chilly months, you can also use the tractors for ice removal at your home. It can pull implements such as snowblowers or dozer blades to assist you clearing any ice in your garden/grounds.

There’s also a range of Petrol/Diesel engine options, to make sure you pick the one that’s best for your needs.

Ordering Your New BCS Product

This range of PowerSafe® two-wheeled tractors are available to buy online* and delivered to you. With a comprehensive distribution network covering the majority of the South of the UK and the West and East Midlands (including Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucester, South Wales, etc,) using our own delivery vehicles – we are able to prepare, test and handover/demonstrate the product within selected postcode areas.

If you’re thinking about ordering and have any questions, you can email us here sales@radmoretucker.co.uk or call our showroom team on 01392 254270 for more info.

*Please note that due to the weights of these products they may incur a delivery charge over and above those displayed at the checkout. Please allow a minimum turnaround/delivery time of 7 working days.

Aftersales & Service

We’re also able to offer Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs to virtually any BCS machine (old & new) – so speak to us to make sure your machinery starts and stays in tip top condition.

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