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Cleaning up is an important part of any kind of gardening or maintenance work. Here at Radmore and Tucker, we stock a fine range of products which get the job done efficiently when it comes to cleaning. Our selection of cleaning systems equipment will help you tidy up in the wet or dry, and indoors or outdoors. Customers never want to be left with mess after you have done a job for them. Cleaning up is a vital part of maintaining good customer relations, and ensuring that you receive plenty of repeat orders for your service. To clean up properly you need the right kit, and you can find it here at Radmore and Tucker.

We are not just suppliers for trade, though. Having the means to clean up mess properly is also a massive help in the home, particularly if you enjoy gardening, or have a range of DIY projects that require your attention. Building an extension for example, can be a very dirty process indeed. No one wants to be living in a dirty home after big jobs have been completed, so browse our range of cleaning systems to make sure that you have the right tools to keep your home clean.

We stock a range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners, all of which can handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Whether you are left with clouds of dust or pools of water after a dirty job, you can rely on our range of cleaners to help you get rid of the mess. We also stock cordless sweepers, which are ideal for cleaning up garden spaces, where access to power points can sometimes be problematic.

To complement our range of cleaners, we also have stock the right chemicals you need for the job. Whether you need stone facade cleaning fluid, or a detergent which can handle just about any kind of dirt in existence, we should have something to suit you. So, next time you're making a real mess with some of your work, head over to Radmore and Tucker. We will be able to help you find the right tools to make sure it's all cleaned up properly.