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Our collection of electric lawn rakes and scarifiers are designed for domestic uses: i.e. for use in your own garden. Developed and manufactured by Makita, one of the leading names in the garden tool sector, these electric scarifiers for lawns will ensure that your grass stays in perfect condition all through the year.

You may have noticed that your lawn can become clogged with moss, dead leaves, mown grass, and other debris. If it is not removed, this unwanted plant matter can invade the entirety of the lawn and make it difficult for grass to continue growing. Mossy lawns are a particular problem if your garden is in a shady spot, and if your soil is damp and poorly aerated. Acidic soil and soil with a high clay content are also particularly at risk from moss growth. Nevertheless, the problem can be solved by regularly raking the lawn to remove dead leaves, moss, and so on. This aerates the lawn, frees up the grass, and prevents the lawn from being colonised by moss.
Raking using a traditional hand held rake can be tiresome, however, particularly during the autumn when there are large amounts of leaves on the lawn and especially when you have a large lawn to take care of. An electric rake or scarifier makes the job much easier, however! Powered by an electric motor rather than by your own long suffering arms, these mechanised rakes can simply be trundled over the lawn to remove any unwanted matter. Electric lawn rakes and scarifiers are equipped with thin tines, just as you would see on an manual rake, so they do the same job – just more quickly and more thoroughly.
Keep your lawn healthy with an electric scarifier. Well aerated, and free from clogging moss and leaves, your lawn will be able to thrive even in adverse weather conditions. Electric scarifiers are also simple to maintain and to run. As no fuel is needed for the motor, you just need to plug it in and you're ready to go. Keep your machine in a dry place (for instance in your shed, or covered by a weatherproof machine cover) to protect it from rust, and lubricate the engine from time to time for smooth running.