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Browse our range of electric garden strimmers for a professional finish to your lawns all year round. Even the best lawn mowers can leave behind tufts of grass in hard to reach areas making electric grass strimmers an essential tool to keep your garden looking neat. From cheap electric strimmers to more powerful models that handle heavier jobs and larger gardens, you can be sure to find the right electric grass strimmer to keep any grass area in perfect condition.

Choosing an electric grass strimmer means taking stock of the job you have in mind. Smaller gardens in built-up areas require quieter models which is where electric strimmers will always have a huge advantage over their petrol cousins. Look for extra long cords and built-in cord protection to reduce the risk of cutting through wires and eliminate the frustration of having to unplug or find an extension lead.

One of the main tasks of an electric grass strimmer is to remove vegetation that traditional mowers can't reach. Those difficult areas between bushes, around trees or near garden ornaments can look untidy when long grass, nettles or weeds protrude. Powerful motors with longer swathes can speed through the thickest of brush leaving behind a smooth and evenly shorn surface that looks superb.

Features like plant protection and the inclusion of a gauge wheel let you carefully glide between plants and ornaments without even having to move them first, saving a great deal of time and energy. Furthermore, tap and go technology means many electric strimmers are now bump fed so you no longer need to waste time struggling to remove stiff spools or searching for extra tools to release strangled strimmer wire.

A straight edge to any lawn whether against a concrete path, planted border or decorative chippings makes every garden look sophisticated. Achieving the perfect edge used to take supreme effort and more than a modicum of talent but a range of helpful features such as guide wheels and adjustable heads now make straight lines a breeze. Explore the range of Stihl electric strimmers to find the right combination for your job.

Ergonomic handles, soft grip and speed control can also make easy work of a tiring job. Exceptionally light-weight yet still powerful, our range of cheap electric strimmers can help you reach the most awkward nooks and crannies, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden. With both Stihl and Makita electric strimmers in our range, we're sure you can find the ideal tool to tend your garden for many years to come.