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Our selection includes a range of earth augers and hand-held drills from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you are looking for something for your garden, or for a professional quality tool capable of delivering thousands of hours of performance, we have the machine for you. Our machines are suitable for a wide range of tasks, from drilling post holes for a new deck, to driving piles for a new retaining wall, from drilling into wood for the repair of wooden structures, to drilling holes for the planting of new flower beds, to boring larger holes for planting trees, we have a tool suitable. Often, of course, the tools can do double-duty, provided with the right bits and attachments, and so we sell the full range of lengths and diameters of drill bit for all our machines, so you can select a machine perfect for your needs, and also the necessary accessories to get your job done.

We offer hand-held, petrol-powered earth augers and wood drills suitable for any job you may like to do. Our selection includes machines of a range of sizes, power outputs, and speeds, in both one- and two-man varieties. Our lightest machine weighs only 5 kg, our most powerful can deliver up to 4.1 bhp.

Don't forget that we offer the full range of repair and maintenance services for the tools we sell, and we also stock and sell a large selection of spare parts, if you would like to perform your own repairs and maintenance. In addition, we can provide you with motor oils and lubricants suitable for all our machines, and also fuel cans and filling accessories. We really do offer a one-stop shop.