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    We’ve all had to endure the frustration of disruptions to our electricity supply. All kinds of situations can bring about these disruptions, and when it happens, it can drive you to despair. Generators can remove this despair and they can power tools and appliances during a power cut. They are wonderful for camping trips too, providing access to some electricity and some comfort.

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    Once you’ve had to endure days or weeks without electricity, you suddenly look at electricity in a new light. You don’t have to endure the discomfort of another power cut again with a petrol generator.

    When you’re looking to invest in a generator, you’ll need to consider the cost of ownership. You’ll need to consider the wattage you’ll need for the equipment you wish to power. When you invest in your petrol generator, you’ll find the wattage on the generator itself or in the user manual.

    You’ll also need to figure out the fuel type of the generator because there diesel-, LPG, and petrol generators – something within the range you’re after. Generators that run on petrol are good for both domestic and commercial applications and are available for power outputs of 1 KVA up till 10 KVA. Generator size also comes into the equation, more so if you’ll be transporting your generator.
    The fascinating thing with generators of today is that they can actually run on a variety of fuels and you even get generators which are bi- or tri-fuel, running on more than one kind of fuel. Of course, each kind of fuel you opt to use will have its pros and cons.

    It pays to buy your generator from a reliable source because then you can also get all your generator queries answered by skilled, trained generator experts who can advise you on the perfect generator for your usage.

    Petrol Generators have good starting capabilities and are made by the best manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Hyundai, Wolf, Clarke and others.

    One of the benefits of a petrol generator is that petrol is lower in price than diesel. When you choose your petrol generator, you’ll notice that you’ve got quite a few choices too and petrol generators are today also available in economy modes.

    Always invest in a generator supplier who supplies quality equipment to trade, professional and retail sectors. At Radmore & Tucker we are a renowned supplier of garden machinery such as electric and petrol chainsaws, lawnmowers, brushcutters blowers and many more. With over 60 years of experience in this industry you can buy from us with confidence.