Cordless Accessories

The advantages provided by having power tools are vast, yet those who have made the switch know that in today’s world, the advantages of having cordless tools are greater still. Health and safety was the original necessitating factor in the development of wire-free equipment; using wired tools meant constantly running the risk of creating a trip hazard, a danger that is equally risky in both a home and workplace. Alongside this, any chance of unintentionally cutting the wiring of the tools is completely eliminated, and so the user of these accessories is free to roam without a range limit or concerns about breakage.

Initially as they came out, battery-powered tools were not powerful enough to withstand an entire day’s work, meaning they could only trim a few bushes here and there before needing to be charged again. However, new innovations mean that battery-powered tools are able to last entire days without the need for recharging. Coupled with the revolutionary use of lithium batteries signifies the end of having to lug heavy wireless equipment back and forth to be recharged, and the beginning of employing tools that are lighter, more manageable and straight-forward than their older model counterparts.

Our cordless accessories are the embodiment of these fundamental qualities – working in conjunction with our cordless garden tools, our products provide the highest quality customisation and replacement equipment suitable for all manner of vocations ranging from the DIY fanatic to the seasoned landscaper. Knowing full well how easily pieces of equipment can be lost, we stock the smaller and less durable parts of our garden tools so that the loss or breakage of a single machine part doesn’t impede the use of it completely.

Our state-of-the-art batteries are extremely adaptable and usable with a variety of different tools, varying in energy capacities whilst still remaining extremely lightweight and durable. As well as this, feel free to browse our exceptionally performing battery backpacks made specifically with the user in mind, able to fit a range of heights and weights as well as being designed to maximise comfort through both short shifts and long.

Ranging from the highest quality brands such as Honda, Husqvarna, Makita and Stihl, our products are not only able to be used within the smallest or greatest of forestry, but are sold at hugely competitive prices and with fast deliveries to the UK mainland.


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