Makita Redemption

We are pleased to be able to offer a product redemption scheme from Makita UK. When purchasing a qualifying product you can claim the following:

Purchase one of the following products to receive a Free LXT Battery (5.0Ah) – Claim here


Purchase one of the following qualifying products to receive 2 x Free LXT Batteries (5.0Ah) – Claim here

DDG460T2X7, DUA301PG2, DUA301PT2, DUB362PG2, DUB362PT2,
DUB363PG2V, DUB363PT2V, DUC256PG2, DUC256PT2, DUC305PG2,
DUC305PT2, DUC306PG2, DUC306PT2 DUC353PG2,DUC353PT2,
DUC355PG2, DUC355PT2, DUC405PG2, DUC405PT2, DUX60PG2, DUX60PT2

Purchase one of the following qualifying products to receive a Free BL4025 2.5AH XGT Battery – Claim here

CW001GT101, DG001GD201, DG001GD202, UA004GD202, UA004GD203, UB001GD201, UB001GD202, UC002GD201, UC002GD202, UC003GD201, UC003GD202, UC014GT201, UC015GT201, UC016GT201, UH004GD201, UH004GD202, UH005GD201, UH005GD202, UH006GD201, UH006GD202, UH007GD201, UH007GD202, UH013GD201, UH013GD202, UH014GD201, UH014GD202, UX01GD201 or UX01GD202

The scheme is running from the 1st October – 31st December 2022. Claims can be registered online and must be logged within 28-days of purchase for qualifying models.

When making you claim you will need to provide 3 pieces of information:

1. Proof of purchase
2. Photo of the carton label showing the T2X7, PG2, PT2, PG2V, PT2V, RT, RTE, PTX4, PTX3, CX2, CX3, GD201, GD202, GT101 or GT201 model number and the EAN Code (DO NOT throw away your box before you have registered your claim)
3. Photo of the nameplate on the machine to clearly show the product ‘serial number’.

Redemption terms and conditions:

• Consumer redemptions only.
• The promotional product offered free of charge as part of this offer is only applicable for delivery within the UK.
• Body only models with Z, DZ and GZ suffix are not applicable and do not qualify for redemption claims.
• Claims must be made via the redemptions website within 28-days of purchase
• You will need to provide proof of purchase when making your claim.
• Winter Cordless Garden Redemption 2022 qualifying models must be purchased between 1st October 2022 and 31st December 2022 to qualify and be registered within 28-days of purchase.

If you have a query with regards to a claim:
Please contact the Makita Promotional Support team helpline on 0113 531 2954 or send an email to with your query.

Qualifying products

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