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There is nothing as tiring as using the wrong equipment to get up and down a tree. Any arborist or tree expert can tell you the right gear always gives the best result. This is why the lanyards and Flip Lines are quite popular with arborists. Flip Lines are a vital part of an arborist’s kit while a lanyard helps to hold the arborist in a temporary position. It also provides another attachment point for your safety. However, finding the appropriate manufacturer and supplier for quality Flip Lines and lanyards can prove to be difficult. Radmore and Tucker lanyards and Flip Lines are here to help you make the appropriate choice for your safety.

Radmore and Tucker have prided itself on Customer satisfaction when it comes to Forestry and Garden Machinery.
We ensure to offer the absolute best to all our customers. Your safety is our number one concern and hence the introduction of safety Lanyards and Flip Lines to our wide-range machinery and equipment.

We sell quality cheap lanyards that will help you save a fortune while receiving only the best service. We have a diverse selection of Flip Lines to choose from like the Harkie 3M flip Line, the Yale 3M wire core Flip Line, Stein 5M core Flip Line among others.
Our safety lanyards are diverse and offer you plenty of options to choose. Starting with the Stein work positioning Lanyard 3M fitted with a 3-way snap, Skylotee restraint Lanyard 2M, among others. Each lanyard and Flip Line comes in different sizes, which allow our customers to select their desired height and strength too.

Our Flip Lines have steel wire cores that make it easier to climb a giant pole or stem. We ensure to protect our Flip Lines from abrasion, and this helps you use the Flip line for an extended period. A majority of our lanyards for sale undergo independent tests using specific law regulations that help us determine the strength and durability of each lanyard. We also have a lanyard accessory kit that ensures your lanyard tools have the right equipment.
Your search for where to buy lanyards and Flip Lines is over. Here Radmore and Tucker, we ensure that we provide quality at all times.