Husqvarna Functional 24 Chainsaw Leather Boots (Class 2)

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The Husqvarna Functional 24 Chainsaw Leather Boots (Class 2) are water repellent, lightweight leather boots with good stability, suitable for heavy use. Reinforced front and back for increased support and padded front tongue and upper for comfort. Durable Perwanger® leather and TE-POR membrane keeps the feet dry and the Vibram® sole provides a good grip even in cold, wet and slippery conditions.

Fitted with roller hooks for easy adjustment of the laces and toe protection overlap for increased safety. Fulfils EN ISO 17249:2013 level Class 2 (24 m/s).

Vibram sole
High performing Vibram® sole with very good grip on slippery surface for your safety.

Tepor® membrane guarantees the complete waterproofing and assures the maximum inside comfort thanks to a correct perspiration. Keeps the foot dry in all weathers.

Perwang leather
Breathable, water and scratching resistant Perwanger® Italian leather. High quality and long lifetime.

Front reinforced
Reinforced in front to better stand up for wear and tear for a longer lifetime

Lace system
The lace system makes the boots easier to take on and off.

Padded foam on back
The padded foam on the back protects the ankle and lower leg, with a higher comfort.

Padded front tongue
The padded tongue supports the front of leg and foot, with a higher comfort.

Pullin Strap
Pulling strap for better grip when putting on boot.

Class 2 (24 m/s)



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3 reviews for Husqvarna Functional 24 Chainsaw Leather Boots (Class 2)

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    Excellent boots. Very comfy, very light. Look good too. Arrived really quickly. Really good service from R&T. Thank you.

  2. Alexander Bienfait (verified owner)

    Very comfortable from go. Good fit. Very easy to lace up.
    Rapid delivery from Radmore. Thanks.

  3. Barry Holton (verified owner)

    Boots very comfortable and work ideally for climbing. Rapid delivery from Radmore & Tucker.

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