Husqvarna Classic 20 Chainsaw Leather Safety Boots (Class 1)

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The Husqvarna Classic 20 Chainsaw Leather Safety Boots Classic 1 are high-end protective boots, made for use by professional forestry workers and arborists. They’re strong, resistant, and extremely comfortable. Made with premium materials, these boots offer increased protection to professionals worldwide.

The lower section of the product is strengthened to deliver superior safety levels. The heel areas are reinforced for stability and you can easily clean the boots by removing the footbeds. Husqvarna has designed lightweight and robust leather boots to keep you safe for any working conditions.

Benefits and Features

  • The boots comprise saw protection features
  • They’re made of top-quality and resistant materials
  • The boots have an extensive lifespan
  • The front sections of the boots are overlapped and strengthened with micro fibre materials
  • The upper sections of the boots are strong and robust for increased durability
  • The boots offer top-quality protection to your ankles and feet
  • The carefully engineered soles of the boots prevent slipping even in the worst working conditions
  • The boots meet the KWF standards
  • The product is made and designed to the highest Husqvarna standards of quality and performance

How It Works

In tough working conditions, chainsaw operators need strong leather boots for protection. Husqvarna designs excellent protective gear to prevent injuries. The Husqvarna Classic 20 Chainsaw Leather Safety Boots Class 1 offer professionals high-end protection against any injuries while working. The boots are robust, lightweight, and resistant. Made of premium and top-quality materials, the Husqvarna Classic 20 boots offer superior protection. The front section of the Classic 20 boot is overlapped for stability and the upper section is robust for increased protection. The soles of the boots grip tight and prevent slipping in the trickiest conditions. Forestry workers and arborists worldwide rely on the Husqvarna Classic 20 boots for protection while working.

How to Use

Use the Husqvarna Classic 20 Chainsaw Leather Safety Boots Classic 1 according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The product is easy to clean as you can safely remove the soles. When cleaning the product, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and only use the approved formulas and solutions.


  •  Saw protection
  •  Approved according to EN
    ISO 17249:2013
  •  Class
    Class 1 (20 m/s)
  •  Steel toecap

(41 / UK 7.5), (42 / UK 8), (43 / UK 9), (44 / UK 9.5), (45 / UK 10.5), (46 / UK 11), (47 / UK 12)

3 reviews for Husqvarna Classic 20 Chainsaw Leather Safety Boots (Class 1)

  1. Zoe Smith (verified owner)

    Had to wait a while for these as they were out of stock but now they have arrived my son is extremely pleased with them! He is a size 9 and the sizing is accurate- I wondered about a 9 and a half to allow for thick socks but it wasn’t necessary, size 9 fit really well.

  2. Wil R (verified owner)

    Great boots from Husqvarna comfortable, well made, tough and excellent service from Radmore and Tucker

  3. Jim Lucas (verified owner)

    Very comfortable boot and sizing is spot on. The boot is well made and feels very supportive. Great service and delivery yet again from Radmore Tucker.

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