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Head Guard & Mesh Visor

£15.54 (inc VAT)

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Beeswift’s Head Guard and Mesh Visor combine seamlessly and intuitively to provide comprehensive eye and face protection that conforms to EN 1731 S (reinforced solidity) standards. This is a vital piece of protective equipment, guarding against chips flying towards the face that are kicked up when operating a chainsaw. The attached Head Guard is fully adjustable, with ratchet fastening for a secure fit, and a soft nylon padded browguard for extra comfort and protection.

Head Guard –

Headgear carriage can be used with B-Brand Face Guards
(sold separately).

• Fully adjustable
• Ratchet fastening.
• Soft nylon padded browguard.

•Conforms to EN 166 (When worn with appropriate visor)
– 3 = Liquids
– B = Medium Energy Impact (120 m/s)

• Conforms to EN 1731 (When worn with appropriate visor)
– F =Low Energy Impact (45m/s)

Compatable B-Brand Faceguards:BBFV7 – Standard Transparent Face Visor
BBMV7 – Steel Mesh Visor
BBMEFV8 – Metal Edge Face Visor

Mesh Visor –

Steel mesh visor suitable for slot fixing to B-Brand headgear.
To be used in conjuction with B-Brand Headgear system BBHG.

• Conforms to EN 1731 (When worn with appropriate Headgear)
– S = Reinforced Solidity (12m/s)

can also be used with BBFK

Brand – Beeswift

Weight – 0.5 kg



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