Stihl FS 411 C-EM Brushcutter/Strimmer – 41.6cc

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The Stihl FS 411 C-EM brushcutter packs a powerful punch (41.6cc – 2.0kW / 2.7hp) and features the ‘M-Tronic’ fully electronic engine management system which adjusts ignition timing and fuel metering in all operating modes.

With ErgoStart (E) and simplified starting, the low emission 2-MIX engine and a 4 point anti-vibration system, the FS411 C-EM is the ideal choice for anyone with large areas of tough overgrown grass to maintain.

Featuring STIHL’s simple-starting technology
With STIHL ErgoStart built-in, the usual effort required to start a clearing saw is reduced by half, while the starter cord can also be pulled at one-third of the normal force. The starting process has been made much simpler, and a manual fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button.

With an efficient 2-MIX engine…
Behind the FS 361 C-EM is STIHL’s 2-MIX engine, which increases fuel efficiency and results in more power with a lower weight and significantly reduced exhaust emissions. There is also a large 0.75 Litre fuel tank which is easily accessible when needed.

M-Tronic 3.0 technology
This updated model boasts a fully electronic engine management system that automatically ensures optimum engine performance, constant maximum engine speed and very good acceleration; it also makes it easy to start even in cold-weather conditions, assisting with year-round use.

Improved guard
Handles well, has better visibility of the cutting attachment and is optimised for storage lay on the ground.

Faster cutting speed
New wider cutting diameter increases mowing performance and productivity.

Optimised gearbox
Modified gear ratio better suited to a larger cutting diameter. Improved main bearing with additional labyrinth seal for extra protection. Better lubrication circulation and protected sealing system.

Reduced Noise
Quieter operation compared to FS 410 C-EM

Need spare/replacement Strimmer/Mowing Line for this unit?

Stihl Strimmer Line – Round 2.7mm x 65m 0000 930 2343


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