Oregon 14″ PowerSharp 3/8″ Low Profile .050″ (1.3mm) Chainsaw Chain (52DL) + Stone PS52E (for Husqvarna)

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Working with dull chains is quite difficult and may lead to damage at the chain links. That is why it is essential to sharpen your Husqvarna chainsaw regularly for it to work efficiently. When it comes to sharpening tools, the Oregon PS52E Powersharp Chain & Stone 14″ (Husqvarna) leads the pack with fast, precision sharpening. This sharpening system is attached to the saw to work out the edges in a few seconds.

Which Husqvarna Models can Use the Sharpening System?

This sharpening tool works with a variety of Husqvarna saws that use 3/8 low profile chains. They include T540xp, 338XPT, T435, 339XP, 321EL, 335XPT, 334T, 240e and 236e, among others. This is an efficient sharpening system, which eliminates the need for buying different sharpeners for similar saws.

How Does it Work?

This bar-mount sharpener works with Oregon 542312 Powersharp Guide Bar & Unit 14″ (Husqvarna). You just need to attach the sharpening system to the guide bar. The bar has twin holes that make it easier to align the chain holes. Then, press the tip of the bar sharpener to a solid surface for about five seconds and run your saw. You can then resume your work with a sharper chain.

Why Should Uou Buy The Oregon Sharpening System?

The Oregon PS52E Powersharp Chain & Stone 14″ (Husqvarna) has several qualities that make it the ideal saw sharpener for the Husqvarna models indicated above. These qualities include:

Fast and Efficient

With the sharpening system, it takes just a few seconds to have your chainsaw sharpened and working. It saves you from the painstaking job of having to sharpen the teeth individually. Besides, it is made with precise measurements to ensure exact alignment between the honing surface and the cutter. This enables it to create perfect angles between the teeth and ensure that the edges are very sharp.

You Can Carry It With You

The sharpening tool comes in an easy-to-carry package so that you can carry it to your workplace with ease. It is also lightweight and can fit among your chainsaw accessories. We recommend having it with you at all times, especially when taking on large tasks.

Tough and Durable

This sharpener is made to last. You can use it repeatedly to ensure that your chain saw remains sharp all of the time.

From dull to sharp in as little as 3 seconds.
Only three steps to faster, easier cutting.
Bar-mount sharpener is lightweight, durable, and highly visible.
Exact alignment between cutter and honing surface for perfect angles and knife-sharp edges.
PowerSharp® chain is as durable and hard-working as other Oregon® 3/8″ pitch, low-profile chain.


Bar Length


3/8" Low Profile (3/8" P, 3/8" Mini, 3/8" LP)


.050" (1.3mm)

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    Great so pleased they have a well known branded name. Would definitely buy again

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