Oregon 14″ PowerSharp 3/8″ Low Profile .050″ (1.3mm) Chainsaw Guide Bar + Unit 542311 (for Stihl)

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The Oregon 542311 Powersharp Guide Bar & Unit 14″ is an easy to use, precision sharpening system that gives chain saw users the power to sharpen their own chain in a matter of seconds with a simple attachment.

TO FIT STIHL CHAINSAW MODELS: 009, 010, 015, 018, 020, 021, 023, MS170, MS170D, MS171, MS180, MS180CBE, MS181, MS181CBE, MS191, MS191T, MS192, MS192CBE, MS200T, MS201, MS201T MS210, MS210CBE, MS211, MS211CBE, MSE140CBQ, MSE160CBQ, MSE180CBE, MSE200CBQ, MSE220CBQ

Powersharp Chain & Stone to FitOregon PS50E Powersharp Chain & Stone 14″ (Stihl)

From dull to sharp in as little as 3 seconds.
Only three steps to faster, easier cutting.
Bar-mount sharpener is lightweight, durable, and highly visible.
Exact alignment between cutter and honing surface for perfect angles and knife-sharp edges.
PowerSharp® chain is as durable and hard-working as other Oregon® 3/8″ pitch, low-profile chain.


Bar Length


3/8" Low Profile (3/8" P, 3/8" Mini, 3/8" LP)


.050" (1.3mm)


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