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Oregon 542312 Powersharp Guide Bar & Unit 14″ (Husqvarna)

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The Oregon 542312 Powersharp Guide Bar & Unit 14″ kit contains a guide bar and clamshell for use with 14” Husqvarna chainsaws. Working with dull chainsaw makes cutting hard work and may cause damage to the chain links and increase the chances of a kickback. Therefore, it is important to have your saw sharpened regularly for efficiency and safety.

This precision sharpening system allows you to sharpen your blunt chains in less than ten seconds and can be used in both petrol and electric models. It is easy to use and sharpens the chain while still mounted on the saw. This makes the process easy, fast and something that you can do as you complete your tasks.

The guide bar fits 14 inch Husqvarna saws including: 36, 41, 136, 137, 141, 142, 235, 236, 236e, 240, 240e, 321EL, 334, 334T, 335XPT, 338XPT, 339XP, T435. T540xp PLEASE NOTE only suitable for Husqvarna chainsaws which use 3/8 low profile chain.

It is lightweight, yet robust to enhance the effectiveness of the saw without adding considerable weight on the front. It has a smooth, polished profile that does not get damaged by water and weather elements. You should not have a problem when installing the bar as it matches the screw holes on the base of your saw.

How Does the Sharpener Work?

Oregon 542312 Powersharp sharpener is easy to use. All you need to do is to attach the sharpening system to the guide bar. Then, press the sharpener onto a hard surface and run your chainsaw. You should be through with sharpening the chain in about 10 seconds. After this, remove the sharpener from our chain and continue with your work. The system has been created with precision to align with the holes of your chainsaw.

The sharpener is fast and efficient and a must-have accessory. It is also lightweight and compact, allowing you to fit it among your items.

Oregon bar and sharpeners are made to last. You can sharpen your saw and use the bar guide for a long period with maximum performance. Both of them are made for the tough outdoor conditions that cutters have to face when going about their tasks. You are guaranteed of the high quality that is associated with Oregon brand when you purchase this kit.

Powersharp Chain & Stone to Fit – Oregon PS52E Powersharp Chain & Stone 14″ (Husqvarna)

Fast – From dull to sharp in as little as 3 seconds.

Easy – Only three steps to faster, easier cutting.

Portable – Bar-mount sharpener is lightweight, durable, and highly visible.

Precise – Exact alignment between cutter and honing surface for perfect angles and knife-sharp edges.

Tough – PowerSharp® chain is as durable and hard-working as other Oregon® 3/8″ pitch, low-profile chain.



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