Stihl AP 500 S High Capacity Battery

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The Stihl AP 500 S is a new type of battery with power-laminate cell technology. When properly cared for the AP 500 S can accept up to twice as many charging cycles as compared to conventional Li-ion batteries.

The AP 500 S powers the STIHL AP System and is designed for professional users. It provides an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, packing 337 watt-hours of energy at 4.2 pounds. In addition, the AP 500 S is the most powerful battery in the AP cartridge battery lineup.

Stihl’s Stihl Connected system is built into the AP 500 S. This offers commercial users a detailed overview of all relevant data, such as the current charge status, daily operating time and age. The respective information can be accessed and analysed via smartphone or tablet.

The AP500S is a robust battery with double the service life thanks to power laminate technology; the most powerful battery in the AP-System impresses with a maximum output power of 3.0 kW – that’s 40% more power output than the AP 300 S battery. You also benefit from 20% more capacity and battery life with all STIHL power tools in the AP-System.


2 reviews for Stihl AP 500 S High Capacity Battery

  1. Susi Errington (verified owner)

    These batteries are amazing. I would not have believed the power they have had I not witnessed them myself

  2. Peter Graham

    This battery makes it much easier to use the stihl multi tool system. It is easy to fit into the belt carrier and the whole system is comfortable to wear while you are working. It has a long work time so you can complete most jobs before it loses power.

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