Stihl AL 301-4 Multiple Battery Charger

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SKU: 18-EA044305504

First multi-charger for up to 4 AP and AR batteries. Tidier, efficient and versatile alternative to 4x AL 300.

Applications: Mounted in a vehicle or workshop, or used on work surface. Ideal for landscapers, councils, large end users. Professional use.


  • Charging speed identical to AL 300 quick charger. Like all chargers, charging time can be influenced by battery or ambient temperature.
  • Charges up to 4 batteries consecutively. Not all slots need to be filled in order to charge. Only for AP System batteries. AK System batteries will not fit in the charger.
  • Wide, robust base with aluminium sleeves, can be mounted on a wall using 6x screws with 26.8 mm diameter, matching washers of 15 mm outside diameter. (When mounting, consider position of AR battery / length of orange connecting cable).
  • Locks batteries into compartment for security.
  • Built-in fan to cool batteries during charging – this may cut in and out during the charging process.
  • Central button that quickly shows the status of the charger via the LED lights.
  • Automatic switch-off when charging has completed, ideal for charging overnight.
  • Not designed for overnight charging with vehicle inverter.
  • Instead, mounting inside a van requires an external power supply for charging. If charging with inverter, ensure engine is running. Charging speed may reduce depending on inverter specification.


The AL 500 is a faster charger, however AL301-4 is the first and only multi-charger available in the STIHL range.



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