Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

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AP Battery System

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The Stihl MSA 300 is the first cordless chain saw designed by Stihl specifically for professional work. The full electrical output of 3.0 kW is converted into a chain speed of up to 30 m/s thanks to the powerful AP 500 S battery developed for this chainsaw. Together with the Light 04 guide rail, this ensures high cutting performance with reduced weight. When working with the MSA 300, professionals are also impressed by the weatherproof and robust construction.

The Stihl anti-vibration system reduces vibrations and relieves your muscles and joints.

All cordless tools within the Stihl AP system are designed for professional users and for daily use, even in adverse weather conditions. The devices also have protection against splashing water from all sides, which has been proven in internal tests. The splash water protection of the Stihl MSA 300, which has already been proven in internal tests, has also been certified according to the IPX4 protection class.

3.0 kW Power Consumption
Ample power to drive an 18″ Light 04 guide bar and RS Pro chain, comparable to MS 261 C-M.

AV System

The lowest vibration out of all Stihl rear-handle chainsaws in the range, comfortable for long periods of use.

Adjustable Oil Pump

In line with all professional petrol saws.

Robust, Durable Construction

Magnesium die-cast components, suitable for demanding professional use while remaining well balanced and compact.

Automatic De-rating

If the battery charge level is low, or the motor temperature is too high, the amperage is reduced. Performance is reduced by 30%, prevents shut-off – completion of the cut is usually possible.

Fleece Air Filter

Protects motor and cooling elements from dirt.

3 Power Settings

Match the performance level to the taste at hand to maximise battery efficiency. Varies the maximum chain speed between 20 m/s, 24 m/s and 30 m/s.

LED Display

Clear red and green LEDs highlight the power level, on/off status, chain brake status and temperature warnings.

Smart Connector 2 A

Plugs directly into the control module.

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Unit Only, Kit (Unit inc. AP 500 S Battery + AL 500 Charger)

4 reviews for Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

  1. Susi Errington (verified owner)

    A seriously amazing chainsaw, I was really apprehensive about its power but should not have been, it really is first class

  2. Clive Murphy (verified owner)

    very good price very quick delivery

  3. Daniel Harrison

    Machine is great, a pleasure to use, a massive step up in power from my other cordless Stihl. Service was excellent, everything came as ordered, and delivered personally, no courier involved, Unbelievable price! very happy so far, thanks!

  4. Stuart Brown

    This is one of the best chainsaws I’ve used.

    It won’t replace an 800 series chainsaw, true. But it might replace your 500i and anything below. It’s quieter and much more comfortable — the difference in vibration is impressive. I have power on demand, and it starts immediately with no repeated swearing at the fuel lines. I mean, there are no fuel lines to swear at. My hands feel normal at the end of the day, not like semi-numb not-quite-there things on the ends of my arms.

    Yes, the batteries are pricy. But I can charge three of them, and use them for other products (my strimmer, my lawn mower and my pole saw). I charge them as I go, and I can rotate them so they last all day. It requires a tiny bit of organization, yes, but I can spend a morning chopping down trees, break for lunch and still have a full afternoon’s work.

    I really cannot recommend this one highly enough. I use the 18-inch bar, and provided I keep up with my sharpening, it’s hardy enough to do oak, sycamore, ash and pine with ease. Birch and willow, it just eats for breakfast.

    If you have a 200 or 300 series chainsaw, you will almost certainly find this is far more comfortable and convenient. If you have a 100, it’ll be overkill — go for the 160 or 220 instead.

    Definitely get the AP 500 batteries and use on eco wherever possible.

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