Kress Robotik RTKn KR174E Robotic Lawnmower – Up to 7000m²

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SKU: 26-KR174E

Instructed by the Kress RTKn network, it navigates your lawn with centimetre-level accuracy. No need for boundary wire or fixed reference antenna to be installed on the lawn. The bullseye navigation algorithm ensures accuracy where lines of sight to the satellites are blocked by trees and buildings. Operated by the MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) technology, it can maintain each zone independently and efficiently manicures lawns up to 7000m² large.

  • Satellite-guided — no perimeter wire installation.
  • Centimetre-level accuracy without the need for a fixed antenna on the lawn
  • Systematic coverage in parallel lines for maximum mowing efficiency.
  • Double layer blade system for high-density and slightly overgrown grass.
  • Satellite-precise multi-zone management.
  • Patented obstacle avoidance system
  • Follows the shortest possible route to and from the charging station.
  • Auto-levelling blade system adapts to terrain unevenness


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