Stein LD750 Lowering Device (2024 Version)

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SKU: FS-SS-24LD0750

The Invert-A-Wrap is a cost-effective rope friction device designed for lowering timber / objects from an elevated position in a controlled manner. The user-friendly design can be mounted in either orientation and allows for a STEIN Hauler Kit to be attached so loads can either be raised prior to lowering or to assist in pre-tensioning the rigging line. The Invert-A-Wrap is fitted with replaceable Fairleads allowing for the rigging line to be tied off if required and also act as redirects so the user can operate the Invert-A-Wrap from a safe distance. For added protection the Invert-A-Wrap is fitted with a removable / replaceable protection rubber. This rubber helps protect the structure the device is mounted to and also covers and protects the Product Information which includes a unique serial number for traceability for inspections.

Model Number LD750
Max Rope Diameter 13mm (1/2”)
Working Load Limit 750kg WLL (1650lbs)
Weight 1.925kg (4.25lbs)

SKU: FS-SS-24LD0750
Barcode: 5060660856732


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