Sterling Rope AZTEK Arbor Elite

£383.62 (inc VAT)

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Designed for the arborist working alone or in a team, the AZTEK Arbor system is a simple, effective tool providing solid mechanical advantage for efficient, powerful rigging. This multi-directional, lightweight system is ideal for structural cabling or aerial rescue. It has unique swivel pulleys (the AZTEK Omni Blocks) that keep loads oriented correctly when tensioned and Sterling’s original 6 mm ratchet prusiks for progress capture. This system is easily transported or swapped between arborists at a work site thanks to its accessible pouch-style carry case.

NFPA 1983: General Use Auxiliary System (w/o carabiners)

AZTEK Kit Includes:
2 x Aztek Omni Pulleys

2 x 6mm Prusiks

1 x 15m x 8mm Static Cord

1 x Storage Bag

Weight (lb) – 3.8

MBS Rating (lb) – 6,295

Brand – Sterling Rope

Weight – 1.72 kg



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