We’re excited to announce that we have created a dedicated Husqvarna online shop in our website. This new feature allows you to easily browse the entire Husqvarna Garden Products range.

Husqvarna leads in innovative worker- assistance technologies, durable products and functional solutions. You cannot go wrong with any of the Husqvarna products for your specific work needs. Each of them has been manufactured to high quality standards and tested in various work scenarios.

For your gardens, Husqvarna has a great range of standard, high quality lawn mowers. You can also choose from our range of Automowers if you prefer to have something that mows the grass for you. For grass growing in more hard to reach places such as open ditches and along paths, our range of grass trimmers and strimmers enable you to keep it short with little effort. These grass maintenance tools come in various sizes and capacities, depending on the size of the area you are working on.

As for your bushes, we have a range of Husqvarna hedge trimmers and bush cutters that will keep all those bushes around home well manicured and to the desired length and shape. The hedge trimmers can cut through tough bushes and thick branches with ease, making it easier for you to keep everything neat and tidy. If your home is dotted with greenery, Husqvarna leaf blowers are at hand to help you rid the pathways and lawns of the fallen leaves with minimal effort.

Our selection of Husqvarna garden tractors and riders will enable you to work on larger areas efficiently and effectively. Ride on mowers are becoming popular as they can cover ground quicker with less effort.

Husqvarna also have a great range of kombi systems that allow you to work with several tools, simply by changing the attachment on the main unit. You can have trimmer, cutters and mowers, all working with one main tool. This saves you the storage space and the cost of buying full units of each kind.

Away from the garden and into the forest, Husqvarna has a variety of forestry tools, which enables you to care for the trees and harvest others conveniently. Among the trimming and harvesting tools are Husqvarna chainsaws, clearing saws, axes and related tools for various jobs in the forest.

All the tools available from Husqvarna come in both battery and petrol operated options. The Husqvarna battery powered tools have long working hours between recharges while their petrol counterparts are fuel efficient. Batteries can be charged conveniently with your mains power supply.

We have lots of Husqvarna parts and accessories for any of the tools stated above and several of the earlier models from the manufacturer. Check tool parts from our catalogue. We also have high quality PPE clothing to protect you from fire, debris, noise and accidental cuts when working with any of the powered tools and in hostile environments.

Do you need assistance in choosing the right tools for your home or work? Do not hesitate to contact our sales department staff members who are ready to offer a helping hand.

Take a look at our new Husqvarna Online Shop

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