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Our collection of brushcutter safety clothing is available in a wide range of sizes and has been selected for its outstanding quality, value, and comfort. It has been hand-picked from the ranges of the best manufacturers we could find, and has been chosen to offer a balance of minimal weight, breathability and protection. With over sixty years of experience in supplying the public and the trade we’re confident that we’ll have the right clothing for you. Whether you’re a casual DIY user, or a professional who needs to rely on their equipment every day, we’ll have exactly what you need to stay safe and comfortable while working.

A brushcutter may not be the heaviest, loudest or most powerful landscaping tool, but no tool is as dangerous as one which isn’t respected because it’s thought to be ‘one of the safe ones’. In addition to the obvious hazards of flying debris and accidental contact with the cutting head, brushcutters also pose long-term hazards to the unprepared user: Using the brushcutter incorrectly or using it without the correct clothing and PPE can expose the operator to a vibration hazard, high noise levels, contact with fuels & oils and environmental hazards.

Our range of brushcutter protective clothing includes highly breathable, water-resistant outerwear, and GO/RT certified high visibility workwear, suitable for trackside use or construction work. We also have accessories including knee pad inserts and leg protectors which directly complement our range, uprating the protection offered for more dangerous work. You can also view the rest of our great value brushcutter PPE, such as glasses, helmets, ear defenders, gloves and face-shields, by navigating to the appropriate area of the website.

If you would like any advice on the clothing and PPE that is best suited to your situation, then our experienced, professional staff will be happy to help. Just get in contact with us by phone, via email or drop into our shop for face-to-face advice. You are also welcome to view the full range in person so that you can compare the different designs and ensure you leave with a perfect fit.