Stihl Worker S3 Laced Safety Boots

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These boots comply with EN ISO 20345:2011, a basic safety standard for footwear. S3 symbolises that as well as toe protection against 200 joule impact, they also featurn antistatic protection, resistance to oil/fuel, energy absorption in the heel, water resistance and midsole penetration resistance. Comfortable to wear over long duration’s.

Not suitable for chainsaw use.

This upgraded version features an updated and modernised design along with improved comfort.

Technical data

Size 39 – 48
Cut protection class No protection


(39 / UK 5.5), (40 / UK 6.5), (41 / UK 7.5), (42 / UK 8), (43 / UK 9), (44 / UK 9.5), (45 / UK 10.5), (46 / UK 11), (47 / UK 12), (48 / UK 13

18 reviews for Stihl Worker S3 Laced Safety Boots

  1. David Murphy (verified owner)

    Excellent boots, I have been buying for several years and they are good for work and for walking. I find them very comfortable and hard wearing

  2. Ros Robertson

    We have been buying these particular work boots for quite a few years and they are perfect for our landscaping work.
    Your price was the most competitive so you get our business. delivery was very prompt.

  3. Ros Robertson

    I have purchased these boots many times for my maintenance crew and they are absolutely great and meet with all our requirements in this Maintenance focused business.

  4. Anne Sayers (verified owner)

    These boots are so comfortable I work in a garden centre & I’m on my feet 8.5 hours a day they are tough hard wearing excellent value for money with gear service from yourselves arrive sooner than expected in perfect condition

  5. David Murphy (verified owner)

    The boots are excellent. Hard wearing, very comfy. I use them for walking (ie when I walk the dogs) an d also in the garden. Also just general wearing. They feel light and still comfy in even quite warm weather. It’s also good you can get half sizes, so difficult these days. My feet are a bit wide but these still fit beautifully. I highly recommend them.

    As for service, very fast and efficient. Again, I highly recommend
    I have had several from this company and just bought more, I do work my boots very hard :)

  6. Stephen Garden. (verified owner)

    Top product but no more than you would expect from Stihl….Quality..Quality..

  7. Stephen Garden. (verified owner)

    Top product but no more than you would expect from Stihl….Quality….

  8. sean taylor (verified owner)

    Many Thanks great boots

  9. Dave (verified owner)

    Very comfy right out of the box. The boots are not ‘speed’ laced and getting the laces tight can, comparitively, be a bit of a potch. The upside of this though seems to be that once tied they stay tied – despite the attentions of wayward brambles, which always seem to unpick the ‘speed’ laces on my other boots.

  10. Ralph (verified owner)

    Nice update to what was already the most comfortable work boots I have ever used. Like others I have been wearing them for years and never found anything else to compare with them.
    I can’t get on with £25 work boots as I don’t consider myself to have £25 feet.
    If you are wearing these all day in the workplace they are worth every penny and last well into the bargain. Take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

  11. Greg (verified owner)

    Well what can I say when it comes to sthil
    They certainly know how to look after their customers I’ve never bought steel toe cap boots before that’s all this comfortable.
    Flexible for working and comfortable to work in look good and does exactly what it says on the tin and as you buying from Radmore and Tucker services excellent

  12. Anthony Browne (verified owner)

    So far really pleased with these boots. I find them very comfortable and they suit my foot shape( medium/ narrow) very well.
    Most comfortable boots I have ever owned, way better than the usual £35-£50 boots I would have gone for

  13. Patrick Tucker (verified owner)

    I was going to buy a pair of boots off another German company when I saw these on the R&T website and the glowing reviews so I thought I’d better give them a try.
    I was not disappointed, I have been wearing work boots of varying types for 45 years and these are the best I have ever had.
    Extremely comfortable, light, hardwearing and good toe protection and my wife even says they look nice!

  14. Iomhair Fletcher (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable, well made… but.. be aware, they are not waterproof and your feet will be soaking at the end of the day in wet conditions!

  15. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Looked good and the are, very comfortable on the feet and room inside them, Be looking to purchase the stihl anti cut high leg boot next.

  16. Simon Bennion (verified owner)

    Fit well, Robust but they are not waterproof, maybe shower resistant. 1st time worn worked on morning grass that had dew on it, half hour in and my feet were wet. No water got in from the top, no submerging of the boots. Ive now got a summer pair of work shoes for dry weather and need to buy a pair that are waterproof. Bummer eh.

  17. Edgar (verified owner)

    My second pair, still comfortable and very good in dry conditions but not as water resistant as originals due to seemingly more mesh and less leather.

  18. Greg (verified owner)

    These boots are by far the best boots I’ve ever purchased for Gardening work comfortable durable water resistant and you don’t even feel the steel tow cap. It’s just an extra bonus when something lands on your foot and the steel tow cap is there to save the day, I’d recommend these boots to anybody Anybody that wants to have a good walking boot and be comfortable?

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