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Radmore and Tucker is one of the UK's leading online retailers of garden machinery and accessories. We are pleased to offer competitive pricing and fast, inexpensive delivery to anywhere in the UK mainland. We have a wide range of petrol disc cutters for construction use, from a variety of manufacturers, in a range of several styles. No matter where you are working, what you plan to cut, or how you plan to cut it, we have the appropriate model for you. We offer saws in a variety of sizes, some as light as 9 kg, with a wide range of power output levels, and differing disc sizes. We provide the tools to give you the perfect cut every time.

We are also proud to offer a full range of maintenance services and a wide range of spare parts for all of the power tools we sell. In addition to tools and maintenance services, we also offer a wide range of accessories for everything we sell. Most importantly, of course, are cutting wheels for the saws we sell. We carry wheels for all of our saws, whatever their size, and which are suitable for cutting any material you might need: metal, asphalt, brick, or concrete. If you are cutting asphalt, brick, or concrete and have a need to control dust, but have no on-site water hook-up, we carry portable water containers for all our saws, allowing you a clean, cool, dust-free cut anywhere you work. For short cuts, we offer depth stops for all of our saws.

For longer cuts, we offer carrying carts and mounting kits. Our depth stops and carrying carts ensure that you get an accurate cut of the appropriate depth. If you need to cut brick or paving block, we offer jigs of differing sizes, which enable accurate, consistent cutting, and we also offer packers and sliding stops, to enable you to cut your bricks and blocks any way you need, while protecting your equipment from the saw blade. These are potentially dangerous power tools, so do not forget that we also carry any personal protective equipment you may need for their safe operation.