Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre

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Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre is formulated to handle all the tough challenges that 2-stroke engine oils encounter. It is semi-synthetic, meaning that it is designed to work with all fuels, including low-quality ones. This oil comes with the highest quality additives and is excellent at reducing heavy deposits or the crankcase, which could result from the use of low-quality fuels.


Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre is suitable for all Husqvarna 2-stroke products from the smallest trimmer to the most gigantic chainsaw that is exposed to heavy felling in extreme conditions. It features a crown logo at the cap, a design that is meant to keep copy cats at bay. The oil can comes with a transportation pipe that is built internally to prevent over dosage.

For improved and tidy pouring, the cup is situated close to the filling side. This oil is suitable for use in 2-stroke engines such as mopeds, motorcycles, scooters and snowmobiles. It also fulfils the requirements of the Rotax snowmobile and JASO FB/ISO ECB test.

The Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre has carefully selected components that give a clean engine and minimal coating on the piston walls, crankcase and exhaust port. Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre is built to ensure longevity and high engine performance. This semi-synthetic oil has been extensively tested in laboratories and has been proven to produce optimal lubricity, detergency and ensure long-term durability.

How should you Mix?

This formulation also contains a fuel stabiliser that helps in the reduction of the risk of engine failures that is usually triggered by spoiled gas. Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre has low ash content, which not only reduces deposits to the engine but also takes care of the catalytic converter.

When mixing your oil with gasoline, always use the ratio given by the manufacturer. It would be better to add more than the required amount of oil than add little amounts of it. Understand, however, that too much oil can result in a smoky exhaust and cause the oil to leak out of the muffler.

What you need to do is replace then fuel in the tank with adequately mixed fuel. If you run your unit with little amounts of oil, you risk destroying it. Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre helps to cool the piston and cylinder.

Bottle design may vary.



1 Litre, 1 Litre (100ml Dosage Bottle)

4 reviews for Husqvarna HP 2 Stroke Oil 1 Litre

  1. waghorn

    what I ordered, good response

  2. Shaun (verified owner)

    First class service and delivery. The two bottles of 2 stroke oil were quite a bit more reasonable than other suppliers. It certainly paid to buy from Radmore & Tucker. Couldn’t resist the pun but it is true plus the very quick delivery. Well done R&D

  3. Hugh Gallacher (verified owner)

    A prompt and professional service and a good priced and great product from R&D

  4. Colin Barratt (verified owner)

    Branded product at a very competitive price. Also great service from Radmore & Tucker.

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