Oregon Log Lifting Pick (Sappie)

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This Oregon lifting pick makes handling logs much easier thanks to an ergonomic, non-slip aluminium handle with slip-catching end and a tempered-steel hook with sharp tip and notches for extra grip in frozen wood.

Length: 20″ (500mm) & 28″ (7o0mm)
Handle material: Aluminium
Hook material: Tempered steel



20" (500mm), 28" (700mm)

2 reviews for Oregon Log Lifting Pick (Sappie)

  1. Ian Berry (verified owner)

    a very light piece of kit at the correct length for my use .the design is far better than a traditional hookaroon which have in the past broken tips due to being made of forged metal. Oregon products have always stood the test of time having used bars, chains ,tools and leather work. one piece of leather work I’ve had for over 30 years.

  2. Gordon Pickett (verified owner)

    A less expensive tool than some other manufacturers but very good quality nevertheless.
    It’s light enough to wield easily and delivery was very fast

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