Portek Hawk Eyes Silent Bird Scarer

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Designed to perform well for one or two seasons if used according to the instructions

HawkEye bird scaring globes have many uses, not just for the agricultural industry. Wind driven and silent make them ideal for use in built up areas. Ideal for agricultural crops, market gardens, allotments, vineyards, orchards, domestic gardens, boating, airports, etc.

For optimum protection, several strategically placed HawkEyes are needed using a mix of red and yellow globes. As the wind turns the globe, the combination of unsettling movement, bright warning colours, alarming predator eyes and flashing strobe light effects, panics, alarms and confuses the birds.

Highly visble
Simple to assemble
No maintenance
Weather resistant
Wind driven
Silent – ideal for use in built-up areas


1 review for Portek Hawk Eyes Silent Bird Scarer

  1. michael COOK

    We have used Portek Hawk Eyes bird scarers for many years and have found them most effective. My wife has taken the old ones for her veggie patch so now I have had to buy some replacements for the field crops. They do the job well.

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