Raking your lawn is an important (albeit dull) part of gardening. Not only does raking need to be done to help keep things looking neat and tidy and prep soil for planting, but also to help remove garden waste from where it shouldn’t be to help reduce the risk of any pests and disease. Everyone usually has a garden rake in their shed, ready to help tidy the garden when the time comes, but there are actually several different types available, made from different materials. Some of the most common types are leaf rakes, bow rakes and shrub rakes. Our selection of garden rakes has everything you need to maintain your garden including gathering leaves and debris, removing weeds, spreading and ground covering and turning soil.

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Leaf rakes are probably the most commonly known rakes available. They come in various widths depending on your needs and garden size and are perfect for tidying up leaf fall from your lawn. They also come in extra wide styles which are perfect for using with pine straw. You can purchase leaf rakes with either flexible metal or plastic tines, paired with a metal or wooden handle. Bow rakes have short, rigid metal tines perfect for using to smooth out soil and level ground. Shrub rakes are the narrowest of the three, most commonly used to distribute mulch around shrubs and in areas where space between your plants is limited.

Another choice to make is whether to go for a metal or plastic rake. Everyone wants value for money so you will want to ensure that what you buy is going to last so you may find that if your rake is going to have heavy use, it may be better to go for a metal option. Plastic will wear easier than metal over time and heavy use may cause the plastic tines to break sooner than you would like. Metal rakes will be a little more expensive but will hold up better than a plastic version if in regular use. They will rust over time but this will not affect how they perform and if the tines bend you can just gently bend them back into position. Some landscapers find that they prefer plastic rakes for heavy wet leaves and metal rakes for lighter jobs.