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Stihl MH445R Petrol Garden Tiller/Cultivator

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You can even manoeuvre the Stihl MH445R Petrol Garden Tiller comfortably when working in confined areas. In addition to a compact design and balanced centre of gravity, the reverse gear makes it easier for you to manoeuvre and change your direction of travel. The powerful petrol engine makes tilling the soil an effortless task. The MH 445 R is fitted with blades specially designed to break up and mix the ground with maximum efficiency. The blades cut rapidly into the earth and are spread across a standard width of 45 cm, which can be adjusted if required. The height of the brake spur can be adjusted to one of three settings to ensure the tiller holds a straight line. An integral anti-vibration system effectively reduces the vibrations from the engine and relieves some of the physical stress you may feel when gardening. The ergonomic handlebar can be individually adjusted to your respective body height. You can actuate the chassis on the tiller using your hand or foot and accelerate using your thumb. Prior to performing cleaning or assembly work, the STIHL MH 445 R can be tipped onto its transport wheels to give easier access to the blades.


Simple throttle actuation
The STIHL tiller can be steered using both handles. The throttle is within reach of the handles and so the speed controller on the handlebar can be operated with the thumb while steering. As a result, the power of the tiller can be controlled precisely when tilling.Anti-vibration system
Anti-vibration system
Anti-vibration system
The anti-vibration system is integrated in the handlebar mount on the STIHL tiller. It reduces the vibrations at the handlebar, which also reduces the effort required to operate the machine for extended periods.
The blades on the STIHL tiller have a special shape that turns the soil over extremely efficiently with an optimised burrowing action.
Dividable hoe set
The dividable hoe set accompanying this STIHL tiller allows the variable adjustment of the working width. As a result, crops can be planted in rows close to one another. The lateral discs protect existing plants from sustaining damage during tilling.
Swivelling brake spur
The brake spur can be used to adjust the blade entry depth. The 180° swivelling spur makes it easier to work with the STIHL tiller in narrow passages and bends. It is also easily accessible, can be set to 3 different heights and is captive.
Transport wheels
This STIHL tiller is fitted with a wheel axle at the rear for smooth transportation. The pair of wheels can be folded up during operation.
Powerful OHV engine
This STIHL tiller is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine that incorporates state-of-the-art OHV technology. Overhead valves ensure that the petrol/air mixture burns especially cleanly and efficiently. Characterised by a high degree of stability, the engine type is ideal for high-performance tilling work. It was designed as a drive motor with a horizontal shaft.
Adjustable handlebar
The handlebar on the STIHL tiller can be adjusted laterally and longitudinally without using tools. The handlebar on the tiller can be folded over to allow simple transportation and space-saving storage.
Cleaning position
In the cleaning position, the blades on the STIHL tiller are easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.

Technical specifications

Working width 45 cm
Working width 60 cm
Hoe set diameter 30 cm
tank capacity 0,8 l
engine type Serie 550 EX OHV RS
Drive 1V + 1R
Engine type B&S
Displacement 140 cm³
Working speed 2,2 kW / 3,0 PS rpm
Working speed 3.100 rpm
Weight 37 kg
Guaranteed sound power level 93 dB(A)
Measured sound pressure level LpA 80 dB(A)
Uncertainty factor 2 dB(A)
Uncertainty factor K 2,5 m/s²
Vibration value (AHW) 5 m/s²

2 reviews for Stihl MH445R Petrol Garden Tiller/Cultivator

  1. Phillip Lane (verified owner)

    The STIHL MH445R Petrol garden tiller arrived the day after I placed the order and it was relatively easy to assemble out of the box. I’ve only used it once so far on my new vegetable plot, but it has started to do an excellent job on reducing the heavy clay soil. I found it easy to operate because of the optional reverse gear and straight forward controls. It was also easy to clean when tilted back on the transport wheels.

  2. Steve Burston (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fast and efficient delivery with no problems

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