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If mowing your lawn is a chore, why not consider a robotic mower? Some of these compact lawn mowers don’t mind if it is day or night, raining or blowing a gale. They also operate reasonably quietly, meaning that they won’t disturb you or your neighbours whether they're cutting early in the morning or late at night. Even so, you can decide when it runs and when it doesn’t, leaving your lawn in perfect condition to be enjoyed whenever you feel like it. See how a Husqvarna Automower® works in the videos at the bottom of this page. 

With a Husqvarna Automower®, all you need to do is set up the boundaries and send it on its way, as some even head back to their charging station all by themselves when their batteries are low. Helpfully, your garden doesn’t need to be any particular shape for these to run efficiently either. Some do mow in straight lines, but others will have a random mowing pattern, and both will cover the whole of your plot whatever configuration it is.

They won't, however, leave your lawn with regimented stripes, but that is because they don’t work quite like regular mowers. Instead of cutting off a few centimeters of grass which results in the gardener having to rake up and dispose of the clippings, these robotic lawnmowers only shave off the topmost part of the grass. These then fall back into the lawn to feed and fertilize it.

If you are looking for the best robotic lawnmower money can buy, then take a look at some of our products as one of them is sure to be perfect for you. The top-of-the-range Husqvarna Automower® 450X can handle almost any type of garden reliably, whether you have slopes, obstacles or a rugged terrain. At the other end of the scale, the Viking MI 442 can tackle small to medium-sized gardens with no fuss or bother. It is even clever enough to head back to its charging station when its batteries are low, or if it is raining.

Not only do we hold a wide range of automowers®, but we can also supply you with accessories and replacement parts to enhance your purchase. From extra docking stations, like the Viking ADO 600, to replacement parts, we have you covered. If you would like to make sure your garage or garden shed remains tidy, we also sell a kit to hang your Husqvarna automower® neatly on a wall, or we can provide you with a carry bag like the Husqvarna Soft Bag to fit the 420 or 430X models.

If you never want to mow your lawn again, take a look at our products, as we can supply the automower®.

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