Stihl Telescopic Extension Tube for SG51 and SG71

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Stihl Telescopic Extension Tube fits SG 51 and SG 71. Extendable, lengthens the range of your spray by 52 – 90 cm.


2 reviews for Stihl Telescopic Extension Tube for SG51 and SG71

  1. LEON MORGAN (verified owner)

    Although these are a genuine Stihl product, there are a poor accessory to what was a quality product. My Sg51 sprayer didn’t drip at all after I let go of the trigger handle. Now after fitting the telescopic extension tube.. it continues to spray for a second after I let go of the trigger.. and drips almost continually after it does eventually shut off. Not great when I’m using it for weed killer!… also.. after use.. if you decide to shorten the length of the tube for storage again… the pressure in the tube forces it to spray out the end as you slide the tube back into the extension handle.
    Really poor product and gutted that I’ll need to order the original size spray tube now as I can’t have it dripping while working in a customers garden.

  2. Rob king


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