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Playing outside all year around is great fun for little ones, and it is even better if they have exciting garden toys to enjoy and share with their friends. We have all kinds of quality toys that make lovely gifts for kids, and they encourage imaginary play outdoors in the fresh air. These toys make ideal presents for birthdays and Christmas, but they can also be used as raffle prizes or promotional gifts for professional gardeners who are making use of marketing campaigns. There are toys and gifts from makers such as Stihl and Husqvarna that are suitable for children and adults.

Merchandise by the manufacturers of garden equipment, like Stihl and Husqvarna, is also available to order. Footballs and packed lunch boxes make great gifts for boys and girls and they are all competitively priced. Cute plush animals are a hit with kids too, and some grown-ups have a soft spot for them as well. For gifts that adult gardeners enjoy, take at look at our range of merchandise. There are shot glasses, novelty key rings, mugs, flasks and USB sticks. There are also hoodies and tee-shirts with manufacturers logos that are suitable to be used as uniform is required.

Toy tractors, wheelbarrows and lawn mowers make excellent children’s gifts, and the ones in our range are well-made and top quality. Choose from toy diggers and bulldozers, or even a combine harvester. There are trailers that can be hitched up to push-along tractors and used to help around the garden collecting leaves or moving soil. Encourage the new generation of landscapers by purchasing them some of their own tools. There is a whole selection of toy garden equipment such as pretend chainsaws, trimmers and clippers so you can give the kids all the tools you have yourself. Teach them how to use them and clean them so they will be the educated gardeners of the future.

If you’re looking for ideas for children’s toys that can be used in the garden, then browse our large selection of gift ideas. There is plenty to choose from and they are all from quality manufacturers that you can trust. Order online and they will be delivered within days, all at the most competitive prices.