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It has never been more important for children to go outside and enjoy some playtime in this age of video games and limitless TV. Your daughter or son doesn’t have to go very far to have some fun playing in the dirt. Our range of children toys and gifts offers a great selection of garden toys and merchandise that kids can play with in the backyard. You will find toys and gifts that are suitable for different ages and sizes.
For a developing child, play is critical because it helps build fine motor skills. Garden toys are the perfect way to get a child moving around, which counts as exercise. A toy chainsaw or brushcutter can make it easy for your young one to learn hand-eye coordination. A mini lawnmower or balance bike can help a child who is just learning how to walk find his or her way by moving around in the yard. Besides that, children have an easier time making friends when they have nice toys they can share.

We carry toys that cater to different playing needs. If your little one loves to watch you mowing the lawn and you want him or her to know more, a toy lawnmower is a perfect buy. A child who is enthusiastic about agricultural auto machinery will appreciate a toy digger loader, mini push tractor or a mini low loader truck. Our toys are not just for playing, you can get them for your child’s science project or to introduce your little one to a new hobby like gardening.

You can also pick gifts from our category of merchandise for children of all ages. Our high-quality soft toys, for instance, make ideal gifts for babies and toddlers. Branded hoodies and pocketed shirts are nice additions to your gardening gear. If you want gifts for an adult, we have a huge selection that includes sports watches, ceramic mugs and key rings.

We insist on carrying only the best brands of children’s gardening toys and merchandise. As a parent or guardian, you want to make sure that a little one can be left with a toy bulldozer without worrying every second about his or her safety. You can count on long-lasting toys that adhere to the strictest safety and health standards.

Browse our children's toys and gifts to find the perfect one for your little girl or boy. Fuel the passion for a new hobby or make playing more interesting by buying merchandise or children’s gardening toys that are age-appropriate.