Stein MR100 Mini Reach Retriever

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Product Description

The STEIN MR100 Mini-Reach retriever is an ingenious tool designed to assist tree climbers in retrieving climbing lines or rigging lines which are out of reach.
The Mini-Reach extends to 1m in length and collapses to just 18cm.
At just 90gms in weight it can easily be attached to your harness by attaching a tool clip karabiner.
Supplied fitted with a SS-1H0031 Tool Clip Karabiner.

Length Closed: 180mm
Length Open: 1.0m
Sections: 4
Weight (grams): 90
Material: Aluminium

DO NOT operate or carry this device near electrical power lines as it conducts electricity. Contact with power lines may result in injury or death. Do Not use in weather where there is a risk of lighting strikes. Not for use as PPE.

Barcode (UPC-A) 100010013714
Manufacturer STEIN


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