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Husqvarna Universal Axe A2400

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Forestry often requires the use of an axe to muscle through toughened roots, awkwardly placed trees and on branches that need to be removed to allow sturdy power tools to be positioned correctly. Choose this powerful Universal Axe to chop through those inconvenient plants with ease.

The axe is coloured bright orange so that it shows up clearly against a forest or natural background, making it highly visible should it be accidentally dropped or be placed somewhere handy. This has the added advantage of ensuring that no one accidentally steps on or kicks the sharp blade, which could cause severe injuries.

The axe is one of the weightier models, coming in at 2.51 kilograms, of which 1.8 kilograms is the axe head. Greater weight gives the axe more heft and thus will work more quickly to bring down a problem tree because it will ‘bite’ deeper than a lighter model. The handle is made from high-quality sturdy fibreglass and steel, while the axe head is made from strong steel.

The back of the axe head is a broad, flat hammer plate which is perfect for driving wedges home, such as those used to ensure a correct falling angle. NB: however, please be aware that using these axes to seat steel wedges is not recommended as it can cause damage to the tool.

This Universal Axe is designed for use with wood, in industries such as construction, logging and forestry management amongst many others. The axe is weighted in such a way that the head benefits from maximum power, when it is swung, ensuring that the power generated is focused behind the cutting edge.

The axe blade has been treated with a non-stick material which allows it to be removed from the tree easily, even after a powerful blow has embedded it deeply into the wood.

The axe has been designed to work effectively as a cutting tool, and as such, must always be handled with care by operatives trained in its use. However, a number of features have been included to aid the user in remaining safe in the work place. A protective edge cover is provided to guard the blade when the axe is not in use, and the shaft has a soft grip handle both for ease of use and to prevent the axe slipping from the user’s grasp .

70cm Length
Soft Grip
Hooked End

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4 reviews for Husqvarna Universal Axe A2400

  1. Doug

    High quality axe suitable for forestry work. Very well balanced, of good length and with a protective strike plate reducing damage to the shaft by miss-hits. Supplied with a heavy duty cover (which also doubles as a wall hanger) for the head which is admirable sharp. Recommended product and supplier.

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    I chose this axe in preference to its larger brother (the A2800) as I’m 10 stone, in my mid fifties and wanted to be able to use the axe for hours at a time without risking sprains or other injuries. I’m glad I chose this version, it’s an excellent, well balanced tool that punches well above its weight and is in an entirely different class to the axe it replaced (which I bought from a well known DIY retailer). The A2400 splits large ’rounds’ of wood cleanly and can also be used (with care!) for splitting kindling, chopping through logs and putting new points on fence posts /stakes. It feels a good quality tool that should last well. Only reason for not giving it full marks is that it arrived disappointingly blunt – no real edge on it at all. I spent about 30 minutes with a file and stone putting an edge on it. Once properly shaped and sharpened it held its sharpness well. Overall great service from Radmore & Tucker, competitive price and postage charge and I’m very pleased with the purchase.

  3. Chris Gregory (verified owner)

    Top piece of kit! Weighted just right. Came sharp enough! 2 minutes on the wheel after 3 hours work!

  4. Ayse Aydinalp (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Arrived very quickly. Extremely happy with A2400 axe. Very balanced, right weight for me – I’m a short 60 year old female. Was able to chop up a weeks worth of logs with ease and without straining my back for log burner. Really pleased with competitive price . Will definitely shop here again

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