Simarghu Fire Male Climbing Harness

£340.99 (inc VAT)


The Simarghu FIRE has been designed specifically for Arborists and is packed with unique features to give the wearer the very best in comfort, fit and flexibility.

The Simarghu brand, (Sim-ar-ghu, the mythical dragon who protects the tree of life) represents cutting edge design with superior materials that are rugged enough to withstand the tough environment demanded by the modern arborist, but practical and well designed using experience from a world class arborist.

Like most harnesses, the FIRE (male) can be adjusted to fit and offers additional levels of adjustability that sets the FIRE apart from the rest of the field.

The FIRE has been designed so that additional adjustments can be made to balance the bridge position, while further tweaking can perfect how your body weight is distributed in the harness (for instance, more on the back or more on the legs). There are 3 bridge positions, aligning you forward, centrally or backwards, and the bridge also slides from side to side around the body to avoid harness twist. There are also numerous gear loops and attachment points.

Available for both FIRE & GEMINI, there is also a fully adjustable ‘one-size-fits-all’ Chest Yoke, which clips directly on to your base harness while you’re wearing it, transforming it into a full-body fall/arrest harness in under a minute. The Chest Yoke can be worn with straight or crossed straps and is suitable for many applications such as SRT, having fully rated, front and rear attachment points.

Key Features

Ergonomically designed back and leg pads with breathable open cells reducing heat and dissipating moisture
Quick clip buckles with assist release and easy adjustability
Unique lower multi ring designerd to give alternative bridge attachment points for superior load balancing – allowing up to 3 rope bridges
Unique floating bridge allowing lateral movement without twisting harness on body
Accessory attachment points for all the equipment you will ever need
Rear leg pad adjusters for optimum comfort, load and balance

Small 67.5 – 85cm (27″-34″)
Medium/Large 85 – 105cm (34″-42″)



CE 2721



Small, Medium / Large


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