Treehog TH1196 Leather Throw Bag

£15.29£17.41 (inc VAT)


Soft touch synthetic leather throw bag for climbing rope installation. This is a compact bag which is nice and easy to hold. It has a steel attachment ring at the top and is filled with lead shot. The TH1196 deluxe throw bag comes in a full variety of different sizes.

Installing a throw line with a throw weight is a skill that can take a lot of practice, and this can certanily be made a whole lot easier if you are using the right throwing bag. The weight that is needed will depend on the situation which is why  we have introduced 5 different weight options to make sure you have the exact one you require.


  • Strong synthetic leather bag
  • Steel ring at the top
  • Lead shot weights
  • Sizes vary from 8oz to 16oz


8oz / 220g, 10oz / 280g, 12oz / 340g, 14oz / 400g, 16oz / 460g


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