Treehog TH1197 Throw Weight

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The Trehog tree weights are excellent with their durable rubber moulded in to a streamlined and ergnomic shape, which is perfect for launching your throw line high in to the trees.
Featuring a rust free hinged steel ring at the top and another attachment hold at the base.
Acheive new heights with these superb throwing weights.

Unlike many of the traditional throw weights on the market these treehog weights are lead free and safe for the environment.

Colour coded by weight for easy recognition:

250g / 9oz – Blue Throw Weight
350g / 12oz – Orange Throw Weight
450g / 16oz – Red Throw Weight


  • Ergonomic rubber weight
  • Two connection points
  • Lead free – environmentally safe
  • Extremely durable


9oz / 250g, 12oz / 350g, 16oz / 450g

1 review for Treehog TH1197 Throw Weight

  1. ahelmer (verified owner)

    practical handy weight for launching throw lines

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