Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor

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The Husqvarna UltraVision Visor is the perfect visor for those in need of a minimal degree of light reduction as they work during gardening or landscaping outdoor activities. Easy and comfortable to wear, the Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor can protect your vision from the light by up to 20% less than a standard visor where 30% is offered. This means your vison stays protected and you are still less likely to experience unwanted light as you work. Not only does the Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor provide necessary light reduction protection, it is also a vital part of health and safety equipment that should always be worn by professionals when undertaking any form of landscaping and gardening, especially when using heavy duty equipment such as chainsaws.

The innovative shape of the Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor has been uniquely designed to fit comfortably to the face, and the updated shape now means it is less likely to be damaged by water, with its ability to repel any water particles that may try to attach themselves to the mesh. By making the mesh more able to withstand the long term damaging effects of water ingress, this make the Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor even more long lasting and durable, making it the perfect addition to your existing safety accessories. As the Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor is able to withstand water, it also helps in addition to prevent any vision interruption or impairment that may cause a distraction as you complete your work project.

The Husqvarna Ultra Vision Visor is ideally suited to be worn with the Classic forest helmet, the Functional helmet, as well as the Technical arborist helmet too. This specially designed mesh visor is also suitable to be worn with hearing protectors, another essential accessory that should be worn at all times when undertaking any kind of heavy duty gardening, landscaping or chainsaw activities. A mesh visor such as the Husqvarna UltraVision Visor should also always be worn when working with cut-off saws, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, clearing saws, lawn edgers, scrub cutters and grass trimmers to ensure maximum safety expectations are being met.

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